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BigCircle Ventures welcomes VP Capital as one of their first investors

BigCircle Ventures welcomes VP Capital as one of their first investors

July 9, 2024 – BigCircle Ventures welcomes VP Capital as an investor in the first closing of its venture building fund, together with several informal investors. The total invested amount of 3M€ for this round enables BigCircle Ventures to grow its team, build the first 5 greentech ventures and provide those with initial funding in the coming year.

This is a first stage for BigCircle Ventures, that aims to scale their operations internationally, to build 30 ventures within the next 3 yrs. These companies will have significant impact on reaching a climate positive, circular and toxicity-free economy before 2050. The breakthrough technologies will be scouted in research environments at universities as well as amongst SME’s and corporates across Europe and beyond. Therefore, BigCircle aims to raise 25M€ for operations scaling and venture funding.

Joost Kruytzer, CEO of BigCircle Ventures: "We are excited to have VP Capital amongst our investor base. We are very much aligned with their rigorous impact focus and are looking forward to collaborating closely on boosting early stage, high impact innovations in climate and circularity."

VP Capital recently started their new investment strategy which is driven by impact. Their main goal? To create positive impact, by focusing on biodiversity, climate, social equality and investments in innovative ventures. For new direct investments, they choose to invest in start-ups.

Bart van Eyk, Managing Director at VP Capital, elaborates: “Innovative start-ups and scale-ups are the key to sustainable progress. However, they often have limited access to capital because traditional financiers find it too risky. Family offices can fill in a unique position here, especially with their long-term horizon. In cooperation with our partners, we want to focus on this opportunity and make a difference. That is why we want to reach out to ventures. In this regard, BigCircle Ventures is a logical partner where we see a lot of potential for strengthening each other’s efforts."

About BigCircle Ventures - Turning big potential into big impact

The world needs greentech innovations to reach net-zero and circularity, but a wealth of research inventions never gets used at scale. BigCircle Ventures brings a unique flow of early-stage innovations to the market, that would otherwise stay untouched on a shelf, hidden in a university, research institute or company lab. By using a long-proven model for discovering, nurturing and funding, we aim to be the world’s leading greentech venture builder and boost the world’s journey towards sustainability.

BigCircle Ventures welcomes VP Capital as one of their first investors

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