About VP Capital

Our mission for positive impact is deeply rooted in our history. Explore how our current strategy and sustainability efforts have grown from this legacy.


The strength of our company hinges on its team. They are the people propelling our mission to foster a more sustainable planet and society.


Find out how we unlock the transformative potential of charity, through a multifaceted donation strategy.

Our background

Our roots date back more than 150 years. Discover our journey from family business to family office.


To truly make a global impact, you need to think ahead.

Therefore every investment we make, directly or through funds, is based on its ability to foster positive change. Find out more about the different asset classes we invest in, what our investment criteria are and how we take our responsibility as an investor.

Our investments are long-term commitments. We screen every investment proposal against a number of criteria. Purpose, vision and intended impact are key in our decision-making process. In the due diligence process, we not only identify financial and legal risks but also assess sustainability issues.

We are actively involved with our investments. In at least 75% of our assets, a VP Capital team member has a seat in a governing body, such as an investment committee, supervisory or advisory board. We work with these teams to put sustainability, impact and innovation on the agenda, while offering hands-on practices to accelerate impact.

We never take a divestment decision lightly. As a long-term investor, we carefully consider all options before making an exit. Reasons for an exit could include a management vision that is no longer aligned with ours, insufficient progress on ESG or impact goals or uncertainties about our capacity to add meaningful value to our partner's development.

We invest in positive impact, and also engage on the reduction of negative impact. That is why we also maintain an exclusion list. We actively work with our portfolio companies on actions, laid down in a roadmap, to reduce negative impact.

We invest in the following asset classes

Direct growth stage investments

At VP Capital, we support companies that drive the future of sustainability.  As direct investors, we want to support impactful companies in a meaningful way. Not only by providing financial support, but also by sharing valuable knowledge, experience, and extensive networks. Read more and explore our full portfolio of direct investments.

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Direct Ventures

We are on the lookout for start-ups with a mission: change the world for the better. We aim to support impact-driven ventures, especially those in their early days, through the different stages of their development. Why? Because we acknowledge their role as innovators for solutions that make a meaningful change. As a patient investment partner, we bring crucial funding, resources and networks to the table, propelling innovative start-ups that aim to make a lasting impact on our planet and society. Discover more about our portfolio of direct ventures.

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In a quest for impactful investments, VP Participaties carefully selects funds that align with our long-term vision: making the difference for our planet and society. Whether it's preserving biodiversity, championing climate action, or promoting social equality; meaningful progress is always at the forefront. Learn more about this asset class and our portfolio of funds.

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Real estate

When paving the way for an equitable future, responsible investments in real estate are key. Through VP Vastgoed, we invest in real estate that aligns with our sustainability targets and/or has a societal function, both directly and through funds. Our involvement goes beyond selection — we actively engage with owners and fund managers to enhance the sustainability of properties. Find out more about our portfolio of real estate.

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Listed Equity

We strategically invest in publicly traded enterprises that are committed to positive change. Each investment aligns with at least one of our six transformative solutions: biobased, regenerative, circular, inclusive, net zero or toxicity free. Beyond investment, we aim to engage actively with these companies, sharing experiences and practices to enhance impact across our portfolio. Discover more about our portfolio of listed equity.

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Do you want to join us in driving positive impact? Let’s get in touch.

Do you want to join us in driving a positive impact? Let’s get in touch.