About VP Capital

Our mission for positive impact is deeply rooted in our history. Explore how our current strategy and sustainability efforts have grown from this legacy.


The strength of our company hinges on its team. They are the people propelling our mission to foster a more sustainable planet and society.


Find out how we unlock the transformative potential of charity, through a multifaceted donation strategy.

Our background

Our roots date back more than 150 years. Discover our journey from family business to family office.

Transparently tracking our progress

Since 2018, we have embraced a sustainability strategy for our company based on the sustainable progress of our entire portfolio. By diligently monitoring and sharing our results, we aim to inspire others to join us on this journey.  

When it comes to reporting, transparency and clarity are key. That is why we collaborate with specialised third parties to analyse data and effectively reflect the sustainable progress of each of our investments. The results are published every year in an extensive Progress Report, a Portfolio Report, and one-pagers for all our investments. 

Our latest Progress Report

We are happy to share our results from 2022 with you. Consult our Portfolio Report with the portfolio one-pagers or dive into the more comprehensive 2022 Progress Report. This Progress Report has been structured differently than in previous years, since we are preparing for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). It includes:  

  • a refined impact methodology for our investment domains textile and media 

  • a thorough update of ESG screening for funds for better insights into potential improvements 

  • insights on how we incorporate impact in our processes and how we balance impact, risk and return in our investment decisions  

  • an initial assessment of how we will integrate the CSRD in future sustainability reporting