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Dive into our Progress Report 2023

Dive into our Progress Report 2023

June 24, 2024 – At VP Capital, our drive for impact investing is rooted in ambition and results. The Progress Report 2023 showcases our achievements in the year 2023 and of the 2019-2023 strategy period, setting the stage for future goals. As we transition into our new strategy, we are excited to share our progress.

“By transparently communicating our progress, we hope to inspire others to join us in our impact-first journey.”

The year 2023 marked a pivotal point as we concluded a strategic period while crafting a new five-year plan. Balancing these efforts was challenging but rewarding. “We developed a new strategy and still managed to achieve significant objectives,” says Guus van Puijenbroek, Director Strategic & Family Matters. “We detailed our accomplishments in the Progress Report 2023 and even integrated more CSRD components this year, such as the outcomes of our double materiality assessment. By transparently communicating our progress, we hope to inspire others to join us in our impact-first journey."

Progress Report 2023

Key Results of Progress Report 2023

The results of the Progress Report 2023 are significant and provide a solid basis for future necessary steps. “They showcase the effective integration of sustainability within our investment strategy,” explains Guus. Starting in 2019, VP Capital has committed to a sustainability strategy, including annual independent screenings of our ESG and impact performance. This report, our fifth, transparently shares our progress.

Key achievements include:

  • 58% of capital invested in impact, surpassing the target of 45% by an impressive 13%

  • improved Progress Score: from 5.8/10 in 2018 to 7.9/10 in 2023, reflecting our positive impact on people and planet since 2019

  • ESG/ Impact Score of 8.0/10 or higher for more than half of our investments and donations

Curious about our other results?

Proud and motivated

At VP Capital, we are especially proud that our investments deliver more than just financial returns. “Despite narrowly missing our very ambitious target of an 8.0 ESG/impact score, we are satisfied with a final score of 7.9 and feel motivated to exceed this in the future. We were able to combine impressive impact results with healthy financial outcomes,” Guus comments. "That is remarkable, especially under high interest rates, inflation and geopolitical uncertainty.”

Leading By Example

Our commitment to impact extends beyond investments. Since 2021, we have focused almost exclusively on impact businesses, transitioning to an 'impact first' approach. We have signed the ‘Finance for Biodiversity Pledge’ to protect and restore nature and biodiversity.

Additionally, we enhanced our governance with Bart van Eyk as Managing Director, Marije Rhebergen as Director of Impact & Communications, and diversified our Supervisory Board with two additional female members. We are also classified as a carbon-neutral company by CO2logic, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

"Since 2021, we have focused almost exclusively on impact businesses, transitioning to an 'impact first' approach."

Our next Five-Year Strategy

In 2019, we embarked upon our sustainability journey. Over the past years, we have made substantial progress, learning a lot in the process. Most importantly, we continue to commit to this, and even want to accelerate putting impact first, as reflected in our 2024–2028 strategy, with ‘Driven by Impact’ as our guiding motto. Our 2024-2028 strategy focuses on biodiversity, climate, and social equality. “We want to contribute to solutions that address these challenges," explains Managing Director Bart van Eyk.

At VP Capital, we feel the need to push the limits and to further improve because of the urgency the world shows us every day. We have a real, intrinsic focus on sustainability: it’s not about compliance, but a genuine desire to use our capital for social and environmental solutions that serve the world. We are driven by impact. We are confident that, together with all our partners, we will succesfully implement the next steps.”

Dive into our Progress Report 2023

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