About VP Capital

Our mission for positive impact is deeply rooted in our history. Explore how our current strategy and sustainability efforts have grown from this legacy.


The strength of our company hinges on its team. They are the people propelling our mission to foster a more sustainable planet and society.


Find out how we unlock the transformative potential of charity, through a multifaceted donation strategy.

Our background

Our roots date back more than 150 years. Discover our journey from family business to family office.

Driven by

At VP Capital, we want to accelerate positive impact. By investing in necessary solutions, we aim for sustainable progress. For generations to come.

How we want to make positive impact

Over 150 years ago, the van Puijenbroek family made its first investment in the textile industry. This marked the start of what is now known as VP Capital. Today, with a team of 13 professionals, we deploy our capital and network for sustainable progress. With the same entrepreneurial drive as before, but with a new vision for the future.  

Why? Because we recognize the necessity, feel the responsibility, and believe in the opportunities that sustainable progress offers to make a positive impact. We want to enable this progress, by contributing to much-needed solutions, both on an ecological and societal level.  

At VP Capital, we aim to realize impact in 3 ways. Through our own organisation: by using our business as a force for good; through our capital: by investing in and donating to positive impact; and through our influence as an investor: by actively engaging with our investments and our network on topics like biodiversity, climate change and inequality. 

What we invest in?

We invest with one thing in mind: to drive positive impact. That is why investor additionality, potential impact and realised impact are key in our decision-making process.  

From private equity to ventures, real estate or publicly traded businesses, each investment should address at least one of our 3 focus challenges and contribute to at least one of our 6 key solutions. 

Our goal? To align our entire portfolio with one mission: accelerating sustainable progress for our planet and society. 

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Collaboration is key in creating meaningful change. Find out how we can join forces to enhance your sustainable progress and impact strategy.  

Family offices

Are you interested in embarking on a journey of impact investment? We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with you.  


Sustainable impact is driven by dreamers, doers and go-getters. That is why we invest in start-ups that offer real solutions to the challenges our planet and society are faced with. Learn more about our approach.