About VP Capital

Our mission for positive impact is deeply rooted in our history. Explore how our current strategy and sustainability efforts have grown from this legacy.


The strength of our company hinges on its team. They are the people propelling our mission to foster a more sustainable planet and society.


Find out how we unlock the transformative potential of charity, through a multifaceted donation strategy.

Our background

Our roots date back more than 150 years. Discover our journey from family business to family office.

About VP Capital

Our roots date back to 1865 when Hendrik van Puijenbroek established Van Puijenbroek Textile, a pioneering textile company known for its socially responsible approach. Over the years, we have transformed into a family office with a mission for positive change—for both the planet and society. We leverage our capital and network to invest in transformative solutions that will drive positive impact. For generations to come.

Our impact-driven strategy

In 2019, we implemented a strategy focused on reducing negative impact and promoting positive change. This approach included investments in various sectors such as agrifood, real estate, textile, clean technology and energy. At the moment, approximately half of our managed assets are allocated to impactful companies, such as Aquaporin, Accsys Technologies, and through impact funds in innovative enterprises such as Mosa Meat, Northvolt, Protix, Reflaunt, and OneThird.

However, we aspire to do better. For the upcoming 5-year strategic period, we are intensifying our commitment to accelerate positive impact. Why? Because we believe the current pace of sustainable development is too slow. While acknowledging global challenges, we also see the opportunities they offer. We want to take a step forward to contribute to essential solutions.

"Focused on purpose-driven investments."

Starting in 2024, we are implementing a reshaped strategy. In the past, finance held the primary focus and was assessed through an impact lens. Now, impact is at the forefront of every decision, and we assess it through a financial lens.

How do we implement this shift concretely? By structuring our impact strategy around 3 key challenges and 6 solutions. Going forward, all our investments will be guided by their potential to drive these solutions and challenges. That is how we aim to make a real difference for our planet and society.

We walk the talk

Change begins within. We embody our commitment by using our business as a force for good, always looking for innovative ways to do so. Through ongoing dialogues within our network, we aim to stay ahead of developments and inspire others to follow suit.

  • As a certified B Corp, we take action to make the world a better place for our employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, and the environment. The independent review and transparency involved are a powerful catalyst for our own sustainable progress.

  • Our sustainability journey includes mapping our carbon footprint since 2018 and implementing measures for reduction. Since 2019, we've offset all remaining carbon emissions through the purchase of certified 'carbon credits' from CO2logic. Partnering with this recognized specialist has made us a 'carbon-neutral company,' a status shared by our portfolio companies VP Landbouw, Batenburg Techniek, Q-lite, HAVEP, Hydrowear, and Van Heurck.

    Our purchased carbon credits support projects including reforestation and conservation in Zambia, a wind project in India, efficient cookstoves in India, and sustainable timber plantations in Sierra Leone.

    Details on our footprint calculation and roadmap are annually disclosed in our Progress Report.

  • Committed to the Science Based Targets initiative, we have aligned our CO2 emissions reduction goals with the Paris climate agreement (limiting climate warming to < 1.5°C). Joining forces with the initiative—comprising the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), UN Global Compact (UNGC), World Resources Institute (WRI), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF)—guides us in setting realistic, but ambitious targets. The progress towards our SBT's is tracked and disclosed yearly in our Progress Report.

  • Further underlining our dedication, we've signed the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge. While there isn't a standardized method for measuring biodiversity impact yet, we aren't waiting. Our commitment involves mapping our organization's and investments' impact on biodiversity, initiating and setting targets on improvements, engaging on the topic with portfolio companies and disclosure of our progress. The pledge signifies our commitment, along with other financial institutions, to protect and restore biodiversity through financing activities and investments.

“We hope to guide and inspire as many others as possible to pursue the path of impact investing.”

A small (but mighty) team

The VP Capital team is based in Belgium and the Netherlands and is endowed with extensive knowledge in business strategy, entrepreneurship, corporate finance, ESG, impact, financing, accountancy, and company valuations. We aspire to build an even more diverse team, encompassing a wide range of expertise and backgrounds.

At VP Capital, we foster valuable connections with our network. For us, that is the key to advance sustainable progress across our entire portfolio. Our Supervisory Board continually challenges us to drive this mission forward.

Bart van Eyk
Managing Director
Guus van Puijenbroek
Director Strategic & Family Matters
Jeroen Heine
Director Investments
Michel Meerkerk
Director Finance & Legal
Marije Rhebergen
Director of Impact & Communications
Sjef Jochems
Legal counsel
Jeroen Heerkens
Legal counsel
Jobien Laurijssen
Sustainability Manager
José Mulders
Investments / family office manager
Marie-Louise de Beer
Administrative assistant
Mark Schravesande
Project Manager Sustainability
Mathijs van der Knaap
Manager Finance & Investments
Vera Havermans
Communication Manager
Sophie De Schepper
Personal Assistant
Miriam Molegraaf
Communication specialist

Our Supervisory Board

Arend Vos
Caroline Thijssen
Yvette Go
Ruud van Puijenbroek
Ellen Meijer

Want to join us in our mission?

Our family office is a vibrant, close-knit team of professionals with one goal: fostering innovations that create a positive impact on people and the planet.

We are more than excited to welcome new team members who bring fresh insights on sustainable and impactful investing. People who, just like us, believe in informed decisions, but also in taking action. Who are down-to-earth, yet ambitious. Experienced, yet always eager to learn. Always challenging each other to do better and go the extra mile.

“Together, we can accelerate impact. And you can be a part of it.”

As part of VP Capital, we empower you to thrive and to achieve an optimal work-life-balance. In order to do so, we offer:

  • a vitality plan tailored to your needs

  • a bicycle lease plan for eco-friendly commuting

  • flexible or hybrid working arrangements

  • your very own personal development budget for education and training

Ready to make a meaningful impact and be part of our vibrant team?

Explore our job opportunities or submit a spontaneous application.


VP Capital believes in the transformative power of philanthropy. For us, charity is more than just giving; it's about strategic planning, impact assessment, and enduring commitments for sustainable change. In recent years, we have honed a more strategic philanthropic vision.

Our donation strategy includes support for:

  • Charities and eco-system builders addressing our key challenges in 3 impact themes (biodiversity, climate, and social equality).

  • Our own Annetje van Puijenbroek Foundation, championing local initiatives fostering social cohesion.

  • Emergency relief and poverty alleviation

Furthermore, each family member aged six and above is allocated an annual fixed amount. With this donation budget, they support a charity of their choosing or a pre-selected one. This initiative not only enhances engagement but also introduces younger generations to philanthropy from an early age.

Our background

After six generations, it’s safe to say we are in it for the long run. Our journey began over 150 years ago when Hendrik Van Puijenbroek founded a workwear company, now known as HAVEP. It was his socially conscious approach that defined the spirit of our company as it is today. Dive into our legacy and discover the evolution of our current commitment to positive impact.

Founding of HAVEP

Our foundation was laid by Hendrik van Puijenbroek, who established the textile factory H. van Puijenbroek in 1865. His legacy is marked by progressive initiatives including a social policy for textile workers and the introduction of factory weaving.

Today the family business still thrives in the textile sector, operating under VP Textile with the brands HAVEP, Hydrowear and Van Heurck.


Founding of VP Landbouw

In the beginning of the 1940’s, with the temporary closure of his family’s textile factories, Eduard van Puijenbroek founded an agricultural company in Gorp in order to keep his workers employed during the Second World War.

To this day, VP Landbouw remains a mixed agricultural company, active in both arable and dairy farming. It focusses more and more on climate, animal welfare and biodiversity.

Since 2022, VP Landbouw has been shifting towards a more regenerative form of agriculture to become a farm of the future. One that is carbon neutral and climate-conscious, producing healthy foods from a diverse and healthy ecosystem. To achieve these objectives, VP Landbouw is actively exploring and introducing sustainable agricultural practices, including pilots with start-ups and innovative partners.


Start of our investment company

In 1951, our investment journey began when we became a major shareholder in the Telegraaf Media Groep. Fast forward to 2017, and this interest was integrated into the Belgian company Mediahuis.


Batenburg Techniek

Our portfolio further diversified in 2007 with the acquisition of shares in Batenburg Techniek. In pursuit of the ethos 'Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow,' this company crafts smart solutions that makes the business processes of their clients smarter, safer and more sustainable.

After transitioning to sole ownership, we expanded the shareholdership in Batenburg Techniek in April 2021. A portion of our shares was transferred to De Hoge Dennen Capital. Together, our family offices uphold the commitment to support Batenburg Techniek’s ambitions for the future.


Further diversification

From 2009, we further diversified our portfolio, and we started operating our own private equity firm (investing in funds) and real estate, and energy companies. We prefer actively participating in these companies through hands-on involvement in Supervisory Board, Investment Committee or Advisory Body roles.


Intensifying our sustainability focus

Since 2019, VP Capital has been following a strategy that is focused primarily on making the portfolio more sustainable and diverse, while actively reducing negative impact and promoting positive change.


VP Textile

In 2023 we founded VP Textile, a leading organization in the workwear and protective wear industry that stands for sustainability, innovation, and game-changing safety solutions.

Consisting of three complementary brands (HAVEP, Hydrowear and Van Heurck), VP Textile offers a unique one-stop-shop approach. With VP Textile, we are committed to producing textile products that not only meet the highest quality and sustainability standards, but also take into account the impact on our planet- and its inhabitants.


VP Ventures

From this year on, we will start by expanding our portfolio with investments in ventures under the wings of VP Ventures. By supporting frontrunning start-ups, we will accelerate positive impact in 5 domains: agrifood, built environment, clean technology, energy and textile.


Impact first

For the upcoming 5-year strategic period, we redefined our strategy and put impact at the forefront. Previously, finance took precedence, viewed through an impact lens. Now, impact takes the lead, examined through a financial lens.

Our impact strategy revolves around 3 key challenges and 6 solutions guiding our actions. All future investments we make will be based on their potential to contribute to at least one of these 6 transformative solutions.

Find out more about our impact strategy


When it comes to sustainability,
we don’t take no for an answer.

When it comes to sustainability, we don’t take no for an answer.