About VP Capital

Our mission for positive impact is deeply rooted in our history. Explore how our current strategy and sustainability efforts have grown from this legacy.


The strength of our company hinges on its team. They are the people propelling our mission to foster a more sustainable planet and society.


Find out how we unlock the transformative potential of charity, through a multifaceted donation strategy.

Our background

Our roots date back more than 150 years. Discover our journey from family business to family office.


While funds provide the advantages of professional management and diversification, we adhere to strict requirements. We focus on funds that are aligned with our long-term investment goals. This means they should contribute to one or more of our six transformative solutions that have a real, meaningful positive impact on our planet and society. By investing in these types of funds, we hope to positively address our 3 key challenges: preserving biodiversity, supporting our climate and promoting social equality.  

Investment criteria for funds

Using these key criteria, we select funds that resonate with our impact strategy.

Contribution to our 6 solutions

We strictly focus our investments on 6 types of solutions: biobased, regenerative, toxicity-free, circular, net zero and inclusive. We only consider funds that largely enable or directly contribute to one or more of these solutions.

Thematic funds with strategic fit

We opt for thematic funds that reflect our sustainable approach and are complementary with our overall investment strategy and objectives.

Article 9 funds

Our focus lies on Article 9 funds, since they have clear sustainability objectives. We also consider Article 8 funds and non-EU funds, after an extensive impact due diligence.

'Best-in-class' impact reporting

When it comes to transparency, our expectations are high. We prioritize funds that excel in transparent and comprehensive reports on their environmental, social, and governance impacts.

Investment size

The capital commitment in a funding round can range from € 2.5 million to € 10 million, with a maximum of 5% of the total fund size. For smaller funds (< € 50 mio), the maximum is 20%.


While we focus on opportunities in EU and USA, we also consider opportunities in Africa and Asia.

Equity instruments

We are willing to consider a wide range of financial instruments that are similar to equity.

No structural leverage at the fund level

As opposed to structural leverage, we prefer a capital structure without borrowing or leverage at the overall fund level.

Co-investment opportunities

Investing alongside others in funds allows us to share risks and benefits, while fostering collaboration.

Experience & track record

While we value demonstrable track records for the managers or team involved, we always prioritise additionality.

Want to join us in driving positive impact? Let’s get in touch

Want to join us in driving positive impact? Let’s get in touch