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Pillar 4: Contribute to solutions for planetary challenges


We developed a planetary dashboard, with metrics like water consumption, sustainable material use, green electricity and other planetary metrics. In this way, we want to provide insight into which planetary areas we can improve or even contribute to the solutions for planetary challenges.

Companies providing solutions for planetary challenges

A leading indicator of the positive impact we seek to make as VP Capital is the number of companies that actively contribute to solutions for the identified planetary challenges (viewed across the investment portfolio). As part of the screening of our portfolio, this was assessed on a company-by-company basis.

CO2-Neutral label_CO2logic_VP CAPITAL_COMPANY

Carbon neutral certified

We recalculated our carbon footprint and our carbon reduction and obtained the Carbon Neutral company certificate. As a company, VP Capital has committed to Science Based Targets.


Planetary metrics improved

In order to structurally monitor our performance in terms of contributing to solutions for planetary challenges, we have developed a dashboard with six environment-related indicators for ourselves and our largest direct holdings.

Our Sustainable Progress measured

At VP Capital, we want to contribute to sustainable progress. We screen our entire investment portfolio on the metrics above. Read more about this from June 2021 in our Progress Report via the button below.

Progress Report