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Our sustainable progress measured

With VP Capital we want to contribute to sustainable progress. How much are we on track with our company and our portfolio?
As an investor family, since 2018 we have adopted a sustainability strategy whereby both VP Capital and our entire portfolio, are screened for sustainable progress. The approach to achieving Sustainable Progress is tailored to each of these investment categories individually, while maintaining consistency in methodology. This allows us to track progress over the years. The various KPIs per pillar are monitored and relevant to the Sustainable Progress. For example, we report on impact investing, our donation policy, but also on our steps in the field of carbon neutral and the realisation of our science-based targets.The scoring system for our portfolio consists of two individual scores: an ESG score and an Impact score (contribution to solutions to key challenges). Together, these scores give each investment a score on a scale of 2 to 10.

New in the 2021 report is the deepening of the ESG and Impact screening of real estate and donations, as well as the contribution to so-called 'underserved communities'. In addition, this year the connection with future European legislation (including taxonomy and SFDR) and climate risks was made for the first time.

We believe we are the first family office to report to this extent on the sustainable progress we are making with our assets, and we intend to be increasingly transparent in our communication. In this way, we also hope to inspire our network to move forward together.

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