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Bart van Eyk

Managing Director

“Venturing beyond sustainability, VP Capital is truly committed to generating a positive impact on the environment and society by investing its capital and expertise and mobilizing its networks."

Guus van Puijenbroek

Director Strategic & Family Matters

"Committing our experience and resources as investors to stimulate sustainable progress: I firmly believe in that."

Jeroen Heine

Director Investments

“At VP Capital we have a long-term perspective, both on an interpersonal level and with regard to our investments: the pieces have to fit. Always aiming for sustainable results."

Michel Meerkerk

Director Finance & Legal

"I experience an interesting dynamic between the family history on the one hand and the focus on a sustainable future on the other. Every decision is weighed up against the consequences for the long term, both for profit as well as for people and planet. As a team we really all strive for the same goal : making good decisions that contribute to achieving sustainable progress."

Sjef Jochems

Legal counsel

“Openness and mutual trust are central to VP Capital. The business activities are nicely complemented by the family nature of this company; a unique mix."

Jeroen Heerkens

Legal counsel

“A company with a family character and a long history, but at the same time ahead when it comes to sustainable investments. That's what VP Capital stands for to me.”

José Mulders

Investments / family office manager

“As a small group of enthusiastic professionals, we encourage each other and are critical to achieve the best results together. This happens in an open and family oriented atmosphere, which makes working at VP Capital very satisfying.”

Marie-Louise de Beer

Administrative assistant

"You feel that the van Puijenbroek family is closely involved in every way. It is a small team but a lot is happening and you feel that you are moving together. I am receiving a lot of trust here and I am happy to give it back.”

Vera Havermans

Communication Manager

“Within the company you can feel the drive to make sustainable progress in all activities and the involvement of the family Van Puijenbroek. In addition, the energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere within the team creates a pleasant working environment where every day is different.”

Jobien Laurijssen

Sustainability Manager

"VP Capital is a team with a progressive, but at the same time down-to-earth, vision on sustainability; strongly driven by family values. The intrinsic motivation of the team and family, in combination with the long-term focus, enables VP Capital to really make a difference."

Mathijs van der Knaap

Manager Finance & Investments

“At VP Capital, assessing sustainability and impact is an integrated part of our investment thesis. We consider both the current status and also create a roadmap to unlock a company’s full potential. I truly believe this will result in sustainable progress and assures our investments are future proof. Next to that, the focus fosters a great working environment where people and wellbeing are central, which creates a great dynamic within our team.”

Mark Schravesande

Project Manager Sustainability

“I feel a drive at VP Capital to make a real, positive impact, and a lot of hard work is being done to achieve this. I am happy to be able to contribute.”

Our team consists of 12 people and a variety of long term partners. We offer diverse training options ( job-related and non-job related). Most of our team members have been working for VP Capital for many years. Connected teams drive collaboration, nurture healthy working relationships, and promote knowledge-sharing.
We believe that it’s important that there are equal opportunities for all, regardless of ethnicity, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion and mental or physical disabilities. We are committed to living up to this principle of diversity within our own working environment, be it employees, suppliers or other stakeholders. In the future, we also want to encourage the improvement of diversity within our investment portfolio, but still have many steps to take in this regard.

In collaboration with:

Astrid Leyssens

Sounding Board Sustainable Progress

“Happy to connect the vision of family van Puijenbroek, the portfolio companies and the Sustainability partners towards Sustainable Progress.”

Board of Supervisors

At present, our Board of Supervisors consists of the following members: Arend Vos, Ruud van Puijenbroek, Caroline Thijssen, Yvette Go and Ellen Meijer.