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The van Puijenbroek family has a long history in the Dutch textile industry. The foundation was laid by Hendrik van Puijenbroek, who founded the textile factory H. van Puijenbroek in 1865. He was a pioneer in his approach. He pursued a social policy for textile workers and introduced factory weaving.


The family business, now called HAVEP, still has a strong market position in the textile sector with sustainable workwear. The progressive and socially conscious vision of Hendrik van Puijenbroek is still recognizable in the modern textile company. For example, the company was the first in the industry to produce a cradle-to-cradle line.


We started our investment company in 1951 as major shareholder in the Telegraaf Media Groep. In 2017, this interest was contributed to the Belgian Mediahuis.

The portfolio was expanded in 2007 with shares in Batenburg Techniek, of which we have recently become the sole shareholder. They are active in installation technology, industrial automation and technical components.


In 2009 a further diversification of the investment portfolio started. In addition to the textile company, the van Puijenbroek family operates its own private equity firm, real estate, agri-food and energy company. VP Capital not only participates in companies, but also acts as (co-) investor in funds, often with active involvement through a role in the Supervisory Board (RVC), Investment Committee (IC) or Advisory Body.


The 5th van Puijenbroek generation now works for VP Capital and both the 4th and 6th generation are involved. Since 2019, VP Capital has been following a new strategy that is primarily focused on making the portfolio more sustainable and diverse.