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About us

We are a dynamic entrepreneurial family with an eye for tradition and an open mind for the future. Our roots lie in the Dutch textile sector, where Hendrik van Puijenbroek founded the textile firm in 1865, which is now called HAVEP. Today, we all still share his progressive and socially conscious vision on entrepreneurship.

Our manifesto

What does the van Puijenbroek family stand for?
In our manifesto we describe who we are, how we are and what motivates us.
It outlines our characters, our vision and the way we act.
Like we have been doing for 5 generations now.


Our manifesto


The small but close team of VP Capital works daily on investments that deliver more than just financial returns. Our employees have extensive in-depth knowledge and experience in areas such as business development, entrepreneurship, corporate finance, financing, accountancy and company valuations.

Our personal approach


The van Puijenbroek family has a long history in the Dutch textile industry. The foundation was laid by Hendrik van Puijenbroek, who founded the textile factory H. van Puijenbroek in 1865. He was a pioneer in his approach. He pursued a social policy for textile workers and introduced factory weaving.

The base of our expertise