Strong heritage
Sustainable progress

Family Capital since 1865

Investing for the long term, driven by sustainable progress

VP Capital is the investment company of the van Puijenbroek family. The start of the entrepreneurial history of this Dutch family dates back to more than 150 years ago in the textile industry. Today, the family business still has a strong market position in the sector with sustainable workwear under the name HAVEP. VP Capital has been a major shareholder in the Telegraaf Media Groep since 1951; in 2017 that interest was contributed to the Belgian Mediahuis. VP Capital is also the owner of Batenburg Techniek. With a team of 7 professionals, VP Capital manages the family's investments in, among other things, real estate, agriculture, private equity and the energy transition. The family has a long tradition in investments, which they have always understood in a broader sense than purely financial.
Today, VP Capital mainly wants to invest in sustainable progress.

About us

We are a dynamic entrepreneurial family with an eye for tradition and an open mind for the future. Our roots lie in the Dutch textile industry, where Hendrik van Puijenbroek founded the textile firm in 1865, which is now called HAVEP. We still share his progressive and socially aware vision of entrepreneurship today and apply it to our investment activities.


More about us

Sustainable vision

We consider it an opportunity and a responsibility as an investor to contribute to the progress towards a more sustainable future. We do this by making our own companies more sustainable, supporting sustainable innovations, impact investments and donations.


Investment domains

Our interests are very diverse and so are the domains we invest in. Some originated historically such as HAVEP, Mediahuis and Batenburg Techniek. In addition, we are also active with our own companies in LED screens, agriculture and energy generation and invest in various funds, often with active involvement. Our vision for the future is focused on investments that contribute to the progress towards a more sustainable society.



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