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Our own biomass plant: 97% CO2 neutral heating

Also within our own companies we are working on sustainable progress. For example, VP Energie engineered a plan to adapt the old boiler house with its monumental chimney on the former HAVEP factory complex and convert it into a biomass plant. The wood for this installation is second-choice wood from our own estate. The wood is shredded, dried and then inserted into a huge wood stove of over 1 Mega Watt. The heat generated is now used to heat VP Capital’s office in Goirle and a neighboring nursing home. In the future, the heat will also be used by the residential units of Land van Anna.

Investments in renewable energy

VP Capital invests through VP Energie in solar panels for its own companies such as HAVEP and VP Landbouw. In addition, VP Capital also invests through VP Energie in solar parks and projects that promote the energy transition.