Donation within the Textile domain

As the textile sector continues to grow, unfortunately so do its negative ecological and social effects, particularly with regards to things like carbon emissions, water consumption, use of chemicals and working conditions. The textile sector employs 60 to 75 million people worldwide and needs more investments in order to book sustainable progress. Which is why we make and will continue to make direct and indirect investments in the domain. It is also why we donate funds to initiatives that make a positive contribution towards a more sustainable textile sector.

On the left are the key challenges of the Textile domain listed. Possible solutions where our donations can make a difference:

  • NGOs that focus on human rights in relation to working conditions, health and safety risks and child labour in the textile industry
  • Organisations that promote responsible consumer behaviour with regards to textiles
  • Organisations that stimulate the reuse and recycling of textiles to reduce waste and boost circularity production.

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Together with the independent professional impact organisation Telos impact, we’ve compiled a shortlist of worthwhile causes that make a tangible contribution to overcoming key challenges to boosting the sustainability of the textile sector. The selection is based on extensive due diligence and a thorough analysis of such criteria as impact, management & governance, finance, operations and the organisation’s general action plan. This exercise is performed every year to determine which organisation or organisations make the most significant contribution.

Having earned the highest score in Telos’ screening of textile-related organisations and initiatives, we have selected the bioRe® Foundation to receive a charitable donation from VP Capital. Our donation will help the foundation in its fight against the negative social effects in the textile industry and helping to raise awareness within the industry and amongst consumers for the negative environmental and social impact of textile production.

bioRe® foundation

The bioRe® foundation is the independent owner of the bioRe® certification mark and its two quality labels bioRe® Sustainable Textiles and bioRe® Sustainable Cotton. As owner of these certification labels, the bioRe® foundation is responsible for the associated standards and quality criteria which are aimed at stimulating the positive development and continuous improvement of various processes over the long term. In developing its system of standards, the foundation works closely with Remei AG and its organic cotton growers and producers in India and Tanzania.

Website bioRe® foundation

Sustainable progress through donations

As part of our annual Progress Report, we at VP Capital make a point of measuring our Sustainable Progress each year, which includes the progress made as a result of our donations.

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Progress Report