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Donation within the Smart industry domain

At VP Capital, we are strong advocates of the key role smart industry has to play in sparking the transition from linear production to a more network-oriented approach; from mass production, in other words, towards mass adaptation. As a result, we have made multiple direct and indirect investments in smart manufacturing and smart industry and our ambition is to continue investing in sustainable solutions that will drive this domain forward. In parallel with those investments, we endeavour to donate to key initiatives that can make a significant contribution towards resolving key challenges.

On the left are the key challenges of the Smart industry domain listed. Possible solutions where our donations can make a difference:

  • Initiatives aimed at enhancing technological education in order to boost skills relevant to the digitalised future, accelerate the development of new, more efficient technologies and at the same time, empower people to contribute to and benefit from progress towards a more digital and technological society

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Together with the independent professional impact organisation Telos impact, we’ve compiled a shortlist of worthwhile causes that make a tangible contribution to overcoming key challenges that stand in the way of smarter, more efficient manufacturing and industry. The selection is based on extensive due diligence and a thorough analysis of such criteria as impact, management & governance, finance, operations and the organisation’s general action plan. This exercise is performed every year to determine which organisation or organisations make the most significant contribution.

This year, we’ve selected the Belgium social profit organisation Lichtwerk, which was given the highest score in the domain of smart industry by Telos. This organisation tackles the challenges resulting from the pressure on employment opportunities and shortage of technicians resulting from the growth in robotics. At the same time, the group also focuses on the need to meet increasing demand for raw materials.


Lichtwerk assists work integration social enterprises, the manufacturing industry and training centres with the implementation of smart assistive production technology like LightGuide and cobots. They offer with advice, infrastructure and training. Their innovative approach and solutions are suitable for all sectors and conventional businesses, whether as a means of permanent support or for training purposes.

Website LichtWerk

Sustainable progress through donations

As part of our annual Progress Report, we at VP Capital make a point of measuring our Sustainable Progress each year, which includes the progress made as a result of our donations.

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Progress Report