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Donation within the Real estate domain

The real estate sector is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Combined with the increased scarcity of affordable urban housing and in the consumption of raw materials, it’s clear that the sector is facing multiple challenges.
We at VP Capital have therefore made several direct and indirect investments in companies that offer sustainable solutions to these challenges, investments which we aim to continue making in the future. In addition, we have earmarked funds which we intend to donate to worthy initiatives that contribute to solving key challenges.

On the left are the key challenges of the Real estate domain listed. Possible solutions where our donations can make a difference:

  • NGOs devoted to tackling homelessness and improving access to housing general
  • Organisations active in the area of town planning with a view to developing solutions for social housing and other social initiatives
  • Initiatives that promote circular construction methods and alternative use of materials in the conventional linear building process.

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Together with the independent professional impact organisation Telos impact, we’ve compiled a shortlist of worthwhile causes that make a tangible contribution to overcoming key challenges in the real estate sector. The selection is based on extensive due diligence and a thorough analysis of such criteria as impact, management & governance, finance, operations and the organisation’s general action plan. This exercise is performed every year to determine which organisation or organisations make the most significant contribution.

Having scored the highest in Telos’ analysis of initiatives in the real estate sector, we have chosen to support the organisation Domus Mundi. This non-profit organisation is dedicated to finding solutions for overcoming the shortage of affordable housing, maintaining and updating existing properties and reducing the impact of the real estate sector on our climate.

Domus Mundi

Domus Mundi’s end goal is to improve quality of life by improving access to affordable construction and renovation for vulnerable groups. The organisation’s activities are therefore primarily aimed at stimulating renovation and urban development projects in specific urban areas.

Website Domus Mundi

Sustainable progress through donations

As part of our annual Progress Report, we at VP Capital make a point of measuring our Sustainable Progress each year, which includes the progress made as a result of our donations.

Read the full report via the link below.

Progress Report