Donation within the Agrifood domain

Our vision at VP Capital in the Agrifood domain is that providing food for our planet’s growing population is a future-proof business. Which is why we have made and will continue to make several direct and indirect investments in sustainable solutions that have an impact on this domain. However, it is also why we have the ambition to make donations that can help overcome the key challenges facing the agrifood domain.

On the left are the key challenges of the Agrifood domain listed. Possible solutions where our donations can make a difference:

  • Donate to organisations which help protect, sustain or restore biodiversity and our natural resources
  • Organisations that help farmers regenerate farmland in dry or non-arable areas
  • Partnerships aimed at boosting the resilience of the agricultural and feed sectors
  • Initiatives for developing sustainable agriculture curricula in college education
  • Certified producers of organic products

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Together with the independent professional impact organisation Telos impact, we’ve compiled a shortlist of worthwhile causes that make a tangible contribution to overcoming key challenges within the agrifood domain. The selection is based on extensive due diligence and a thorough analysis of such criteria as impact, management & governance, finance, operations and the organisation’s general action plan. This exercise is performed every year to determine which organisation or organisations make the most significant contribution.

Within the agrifood domain, we’ve opted in favour of the non-profit organisation Herenboeren. Herenboeren scored the highest in Telos’ screening on account of its commitment to promoting an agile and resilient food system, boosting the prosperity and well-being of everyone in the food supply chain and ensuring that everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.


Herenboeren is a growing civil movement which proves there is a different, better and more sustainable way to meet our daily food requirements. The Netherlands Herenboeren Foundation does so by providing support and promoting the exchange of knowledge for the further development of sustainable farms in the Netherlands. The organisation sees major opportunities for these farming cooperatives which make citizens partial owners of their own farm: consumers who, in other words, produce and consume at the same time and according to demand. Through our donation, VP Capital helps Hereboeren set up these micro mixed companies which produce sustainable, healthy and delicious food while restoring critical knowledge and practices which would otherwise be lost.

Website Herenboeren

Sustainable progress through donations

As part of our annual Progress Report, we at VP Capital make a point of measuring our Sustainable Progress each year, which includes the progress made as a result of our donations.

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Progress Report