Portfolio score


The scope of the portfolio score includes the entire investment portfolio and a number of charities (from a certain donation value). Each organisation receives a score based on a comprehensive screening. The portfolio score is the weighted average of all these individual scores.

Each score is made up of two components: an ESG score and an Impact score. The ESG score looks specifically at how well ESG is integrated into the policy of a company or fund. The Impact score indicates the extent to which investments and donations contribute to the solutions for key challenges within the domain.

The Impact score component has been added to bring the total company score more explicitly in balance with the actual contribution a company makes to solving a social or ecological problem. In doing so, we are anticipating the rules of the EU to prevent green washing and only claim sustainability if the company or fund actually contributes to a solution for key challenges.

The scope and method of this year can be read in detail in ourĀ Progress Report.

Result 2022:

Our Sustainable Progress measured

At VP Capital, we want to contribute to sustainable progress. We screen our entire investment portfolio on the metrics above. Read more about this in our Progress Report via the button below.

Progress Report