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Blog | Last week we joined the B for Good Leaders Summit in Rome! 🚀

June 21, 2022

The Business for Good Leaders Summit in Rome is the world’s first meeting of the ‘business-for-good’ movement. Founders, owners, board members, C-level executives and investors come together to join forces.

The two-day programming was curated around five key themes:

  • Regenerative Economy
  • Leadership
  • Corporate Activism
  • B Corps
  • Sustainable Finance

We have rarely been at a meeting where so many people, who intent to cooperate to really make change happen, were present.

Some of the messages that we will remember are:

We don’t hire people to make brownies. We make brownies to hire people.

Joseph Kenner, President and CEO, Greyston

Be courageous. Be authentic. Be kind.

Kees Kruythoff, CEO LIVEKINDLY

In order to combat climate change we already know what we have to do - Renewable Energy and Regenerative Agriculture. The first gets CO2 out of the air and the second puts it into the ground and keeps it there.

Hunter Lovins, President Natural Capitalism Solutions

The passion is palpable and genuine - the energy, and drive from everyone at the summit were powerful and it was hard not to be swept up in it this bubbling enthusiasm for doing better. It is what keeps us optimistic.

Power is important - We need to earn it, exercise it and use it responsibly if we’re to smash through the status quo.

It’s about advocacy, not just change your company but go beyond. You should aim for industry change. Be the thought leader.

Don’t waste more time. 50 Years after the Club of Rome’s insights, it’s a matter of speed and scaling up, be bold and courageous.

Give a seat at the table of the next generation.

Boost vertical farming, regenerative farming

Look for different perspectives

Learn from indigenous people and their ways of respecting nature.

Understand what is holding back the much needed change and try to remove that obstacle

Pandemics and the loss of natural habitats are interlinked, let’s rebuild them

Economics focussed around GDP is a fundamental issue, it should be about well being. Italy has changed its policy accordingly and can be an inspiration for other countries.

The Vatican is well educated on the financial and economic system and is even taking the lead in conversations about a regenerative economy

There is no society without economy

Capital markets need to have impact embedded and should exclude all those who hurt people or planet, it needs a radical shift.

People like Paul Polman and Emmanuel Faber are courageous on getting big organization involved in transition.

Club of Rome is so full of intelligent people- their insights and stage skills are phenomenal

Work on the knowledge of your boards: it’s where all the change that is needed has often been slowed down in the last 50 years. We have not scratched the surface from solutions. It’s complex. It’s difficult, change is needed, embracing new perspectives is needed. Invite the planet and the next generation to all your meetings.

B Corp goes well beyond article 9 thinking as article 9 does not define what is good, but defines how much you disclose (we will dive into this)

So many pledges, promises, commitments… it’s time for action

“Imagine all the people Song”: it’s such a strong song to sing together

Benefit corporations: we hope all companies around the globe will become benefit corporations.

Is regenerative, the same as restorative? Is inclusive the same as flourishing?

Businesses are the biggest players of society, they must make it happen.

A speaker of Turkey talked about her birthday card her father gave her when she was 15: live integrity, be good, treat people like you want to be treated. We should talk more about values, moral and personal beliefs, as that’s where it all starts.

Intact nature is fundamental for economy

The first day opening can be seen here:

This community is regenerative for our souls, enthusiasm and has challenged our thinking on our own possibilities of systemic change. It was nice to be ‘in our bubble”, love to share with you our take aways. For our board that will be in July, for our portfolio & Family that will be 7th of September and for Family offices we’ll share more background on dialogues and dilemma’s at our next Round table (October, invitation only).

Astrid & Guus