We have been building our Water investment portfolio since some years. We have (direct and indirect) investments in:

  • Development of water filtering solutions
  • Development of efficient water use solutions
  • Water treatment development and maintenance solutions


The gap between supply and demand for fresh water will only widen if we do not use it more efficiently and economically. VP Capital wants to contribute to the progress towards sustainable, responsible water usage through investments in these solutions.

The following key challenges are defined by Sinzer:

Read more about the different challenges here:


In the water sector, VP Capital's ambition is to invest in these sustainable solutions:

  • Regenerative business models and technology aimed at restoring the water cycle
  • Companies that can make products using less water or causing less water pollution
  • Companies that exclude microplastics in the production process
  • Solutions that contribute to the reduction of plastic waste in water

We also have the ambition to make donations that contribute to the following solutions:

  • Organisations that support communities in dry areas with expert solutions to re-fertilize the land and better retain water.
  • Organisations that aid water-scarce areas by facilitating water provision solutions (e.g. wells).
  • Organisations combatting oceanic deterioration; coral preservation, countering acidification, fighting plastic soup etc.

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Sustainable progress within the water domain

With VP Capital, we want to contribute to sustainable progress. We screen our investment portfolio in terms of ESG and Impact. Read more about this in our Progress Report via the button below.

Progress Report

Portfolio companies

An example in our current portfolio within the water domain:

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