Family Van Puijenbroek has a long history in the Dutch textile industry producing workwear for more than 155 years.

We have (direct and indirect) investments in:

  • Development of workwear and protective wear
  • Software platform development for second hand markets
  • Development of 3D virtual product models
  • Sustainable yarns and fabrics



The textile sector is growing, but unfortunately the negative ecological and social effects are still large, especially in terms of CO2 emissions, water consumption, chemical use and poor living conditions. The textile sector employs 60 to 75 million people worldwide and needs more investments to create more sustainable progress.

The following key challenges are defined by Sinzer:

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In the textile sector, VP Capital's ambition is to invest in these sustainable solutions:

  • Textile production that reduces the input of natural resources and manages its footprint in a responsible manner
  • Textile production that guarantees and improves the working conditions of its workers
  • Textile production that tackles the problem of overconsumption and excess waste in the industry
  • Textile production that significantly reduces water consumption

We also have the ambition to make donations that contribute to the following solutions:

  • NGOs that address the challenges regarding human rights related to the labour intensity and hazards of the textile industry, and the use of children herein
  • Organisations that promote responsible consumer behaviour with regard to textiles
  • Organisations that promote the repurposing and re-use of fabrics, in order to contribute to the circularity of this industry and diminish the amount of waste it produces

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Sustainable progress within the textile domain

With VP Capital, we want to contribute to sustainable progress. We screen our investment portfolio in terms of ESG and Impact. Read more about this in our Progress Report via the button below.

Progress Report

Portfolio companies

Some examples of companies in our current portfolio within the textile domain:

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