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VP Capital has been active in the Smart industry since 2007. We have (direct and indirect) investments in:

  • Development of intelligent sensors and connected systems
  • Sustainable building material
  • Delivering circular and smart city solutions
  • Circular & waste solutions
  • Smart solutions in industrial automation, supplying industrial components, installation solutions
  • Automation of business processes
  • Smart components


Smart industry innovations will drive the transition from a linear focused approach to production towards a more network-centric approach, and herald a transition from mass production towards mass customisation. At VP Capital, we see the smart industry playing a prominent role in the progress towards a more sustainable future. We are open to investments in companies or funds contributing to the key challenges of the Smart Industry domain.

The following key challenges are defined by Sinzer:

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In the smart industry, VP Capital's ambition is to invest in these sustainable solutions:

  • Smart solutions for industries that promote circularity and resource efficiency and extend the life cycle of products
  • Innovations that reduce the energy needs of industry
  • Prioritising investments that have quantified their environmental and social impact
  • Sectors of industry where human capital is expected to become more important as a result of smart innovations in the industry

We also have the ambition to make donations that contribute to the following solutions:

  • Initiatives fostering technological education in order to empower people in the digitized future and further accelerate the efficiency of implementing new innovations, while contributing to the challenge of enabling everyone to progress through digital & technological society

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Sustainable progress within the smart industry domain

With VP Capital, we want to contribute to sustainable progress. We screen our investment portfolio in terms of ESG and Impact. Read more about this in our Progress Report via the button below.

Progress Report

Portfolio companies

Some examples of companies in our current portfolio within smart industry:

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