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Some important trends are impacting companies in the smart industry:

  • Scarcity of raw materials and water
  • Digitalization and Internet of Things
  • Shift from fossil fuel to electrification
  • Aging population: local and technically trained staff is increasingly difficult to find
  • Along with the progress towards a more sustainable society, the demand for sustainable equipment and installation techniques is following rapidly
  • Product innovation plays an increasingly important role
  • Focus on energy efficiency and data security
  • Use of sustainable materials and circular business models


VP Capital has been active in the manufacturing industry since 2007 through shareholding in Batenburg Techniek. We want to further expand this experience through possible investments in solutions that make this smart industry more sustainable:

  • Installations that improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Circular solutions that reduce resource consumption
  • Solutions for water scarcity (reduction of water use)
  • Digitalization and solutions to make industrial equipment "smart" and integrated
  • Solutions to increase data security
  • Strengthen leading innovation in Europe to protect the local economy
  • Development / expansion of technical education systems

Interested in a possible collaboration? View our specific investment criteria and contact us if your project meets these requirements.


Some examples of companies in our current portfolio within smart industry: