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Real estate Portfolio

VP Capital invests directly, with or without co-investors, in the following real estate properties:

Huize Anna (Goirle)

Huize Anna is the building in which VP Capital itself has its offices, a striking villa with rich historical details. The original building was built in 1903 by Eduard van Puijenbroek who named the villa after his wife, Anna Jansen. In 1950, the building was extensively rebuilt and in 2016, the designated use of the building was changed from residence to office.
The building consists of three floors. Next to the building is a porterhouse, rebuilt in 2018 after the original was demolished in the 1980s. Accompanying the building is an expansive garden that connects to the adjacent estate and provides extensive space for nature. The property is connected to the nearby biomass power plant and therefore does not use gas to generate heat.

AH XL (Delft)

The building is a newly built shopping complex consisting of two floors including a parking garage. The complex is largely used as a supermarket and further as retail space and a parking garage.
The building has an energy label A and LED lighting is used predominantly.

B-Aparthotel (The Hague)

The building concerns an apartment hotel consisting of 60 apartments with accessories, located on the ground floor and first to fifth floors, including a parking lot behind. It is part of the national monument complex 'The Ambassador', which further consists of 33 residential units.
In 2015 and 2016, the building was completely renovated, using high quality materials and achieving a high level of finishing. The building has an energy label A and predominantly LED lighting.

More information on the B-Aparthotel

Sensata office/lab (Hengelo)

The Sensata office/lab is a five-story office building with laboratory space, land, yard, grounds and other peripherals. The building has been constructed as sustainably as possible and has been awarded a BREEAM Excellent certificate. The following installations and facilities are present:

  • Heating and cooling are provided by means of heat pumps in combination with a CHP system, whereby each floor and wing have their own heat pumps and the separate office rooms have their own intermediate units.
  • The building is equipped with a gray water system where rainwater from the roof is collected and used for flushing the toilets. Any surplus rain from the roof and outdoor area is collected in a Wabi with overflow to the water feature in front.
  • The building is equipped with solar panels on the south facade which also serve as a sunshade for the offices behind.
More information on Sensata

HAVEP new construction (Goirle)

HAVEP's new business premises has been commissioned and consist of a main building and a warehouse.
The building has been designed as a forerunner in the field of future-proof, healthy and circular construction. The building has a complete wooden skeleton that is largely demountable. Other materials used are mainly biobased and recyclable; for example, flax was used as a natural insulation material. Finally, materials from the old HAVEP building and another building were reused. On the roof there are 1600 solar panels, optimally oriented to the south, thus realizing a 'zero on the energy meter'.
The design also takes into account the well-being of the users and ensures that changes can easily be made to the building in the future.

More information on HAVEP

Project Zuidrand (Goirle)

Once HAVEP has moved into its new building, a large part of the old factory site will be demolished and a total of 187 homes will be built here. The old office on Bergstraat, the factory chimney and the boiler house will remain. The old office will become a small apartment building.
The new residential areas will be designed sustainably and nature-inclusively. This means that many biodiverse indigenous trees and plants will be placed, which naturally belong in this area. Also, as part of the project, a section of the river Leij will be relocated. The river will regain its old, meandering course. In addition to sustainability, greenery and water, industrial heritage is also central. For example, old paving and concrete slabs from the former factory sites will be reused and the traditional shed roofs (saw-tooth shape) will return in the design.

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In addition to direct investments, VP Capital also invests in real estate funds. Some examples are:


Healthcare Real Estate (HCRE) develops, manages and invests in healthcare real estate in the Netherlands, such as: health centers, residential care locations, care apartments and independent treatment centers. HCRE is a long-term investor; all developed or purchased properties remain in the portfolio for the long term. Social relevance and sustainability are also high on the agenda. An example of this is that all properties have energy label A to A++++. This fund is managed by Schroders Real Estate Netherlands.

More information on HCRE

REG fund

The Real Estate Gateway Fund is a Dutch long-term and institutional investment fund focused on stable industrial and logistics real estate. The portfolio of medium-sized assets is located along the Dutch transport corridors from the gateways of Rotterdam and Amsterdam to the larger European market.
A long-term investment horizon enables the creation of future-proof assets in terms of adaptability, sustainability and tenant relations. This fund is managed by Schroders Real Estate Netherlands.

More information on the REG fund

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