We have been building our Agrifood investment portfolio since the mid-40’s when family Van Puijenbroek invested for the first time in a farm in the Netherlands.

We have direct and indirect investments in:

  • Food system change solutions, e.g. reduction of waste
  • Plant based (vegan, vegetarian, healthy food) solutions
  • Innovations in the field of protein alternatives, e.g. insects and lab-grown meat
  • Technology reducing negative impact, e.g. pesticides and chemicals
  • Regenerative solutions


We consider providing food for a growing population within our planetary boundaries a future proof business.

The following key challenges are defined by Sinzer:

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In the agrifood sector, VP Capital's ambition is to invest in these sustainable solutions:

  • Transition capital for conventional farmers who want to convert to regenerative / agroforestry / holistic agriculture
  • Technology that shows it can improve soil biology, local biodiversity, reduce chemical inputs and food waste
  • Consultancies for regenerative and sustainable agriculture
  • Producers of regenerative / biological input
  • Outlets that focus on buying goods from sustainable farmers

We also have the ambition to make donations that contribute to the following solutions:

  • Donate to organisations that protect, preserve or re-establish biodiversity and natural resources.
  • Organisations aiding farmers to regenerate arable land in water deprived or infertile areas.
  • Partnerships aiming to enhance the resilience of the agrifood sector.
  • Initiatives to develop sustainable agriculture curricula for vocational schools
  • Certified organizations for organic products.

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Sustainable progress within the agrifood domain

With VP Capital, we want to contribute to sustainable progress. We screen our investment portfolio in terms of ESG and Impact. Read more about this in our Progress Report via the button below.

Progress Report


Some examples of companies in our current portfolio within the agri-food domain:

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