Global warming and population growth are major challenges impacting the agri-food sector:

  • More and more production is needed on increasingly smaller surfaces, with increasingly higher environmental requirements under increasingly capricious weather conditions
  • CO2 emissions from agriculture are problematically high
  • Reduction of pesticide, antibiotic and water use, food scarcity, food waste and animal meat consumption are necessary
  • The income distribution to the farmer needs to be improved

In addition, food supply via agriculture remains essential and we are already seeing some trends that can make the agri-food sector more sustainable:

  • The importance of animal welfare is increasing
  • The demand for vegetarian, local and healthy products is growing
  • Creation of more small organic farms
  • Technology and data create opportunities


VP Capital has had its own agricultural company since the mid-40s. Many sustainability initiatives have already been taken. For example, the company was one of the first farms to receive the "Landmark farm" sustainability label from Unilever. A roadmap was defined in 2018 to make the company more sustainable. In addition, we already have various items in portfolio that contribute to solutions for the challenges above. Technology also makes it possible to produce more sustainably. We want to further support this evolution through possible investments in these solutions:

  • Smart agriculture such as precision agriculture, drones and robots
  • Behavioral adjustment: stimulate more plant-based food consumption
  • System change: better income distribution towards the farmers
  • Crop protection
  • Improvement of animal welfare

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Some examples of companies in our current portfolio within the agri-food domain: