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Impact investments are investments that are intended to create a positive impact beyond financial returns.

Until now, VP Capital's portfolio in impact investments is very broad, both in terms of region and sector and in terms of impact. There are also no universal methods for measuring impact. Nevertheless, we believe that impact investing is essential in a sustainable investment policy.


For the domains in which we are active, we have now defined output criteria that companies must meet in order to receive our investments. Today, our impact portfolio consists of companies in the energy transition, aquaculture funds, financial inclusion, sustainable agriculture, water treatment and access to healthcare.


The objective of VP Capital is to invest at least 20% of its assets in impact companies and impact funds over the next five years. On the pages of our investment domains we describe what exactly our ambitions are per theme.

You can also read also about the other building blocks of VP Capital's sustainability model: ESG, innovations and donations.


Some examples of funds or participations in impact investing: