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ESG stands for "Environmental, Social & Governance", known as the three central factors for measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a company.

VP Capital believes that improving ESG factors can have a significant impact on the performance of a company and recognizes the growing importance of this topic. Therefore, we wanted to see what our portfolio looks like in terms of ESG and what it takes to become a pioneer with the companies we invest in. For each of VP Capital's own companies, an ESG inventory was made and a roadmap was drawn up to substantially increase the ESG score within 5 years to a "best in class" level.


For the companies Batenburg Techniek, Mediahuis, HAVEP, VP Landbouw and Q-Lite we are ready with this ESG inventory. ESG is placed on the agenda at Board level every quarter to discuss progress. The five-year plan, as well as the results, are updated every year.
Our goal is to continuously improve the total portfolio score every year.

You can also read about the other building blocks of VP Capital's sustainability model: innovations, donations and impact investments.

View our Progress Report

Read more about our ESG methodology on page 17 of our Progress Report:

Progress Report